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Measure the impact of your social content

Everything we do online has an environment impact. Digital infrastructure systems, composed %of our devices, networks and data centers, use 7% of planet energy and emits tonnes of carbon. Do your bit, measure your carbon fingerprint today.

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Trees planted


People reached


People reached

Carbon Capture

We work with Climeworks to invest in cutting-edge technology that directly removes CO2 from the air forever. Stopping unavoidable and historical CO2 emissions from contributing to global warming.


Renewable Energy

Through Gold Standard, you can invest in industry-leading renewable energy projects to create new wind & solar farms across the globe. All whilst creating workdays in local communities.


With our partner, One Tree Planted, you can use CF to reforest critical ecosystems and create workdays in local communities with a high level of transparency, using technology to monitor projects to ensure a high success rate.

Join this community putting their words into action

Carbon Fingerprinted accounts have measured, minimised and offset the carbon impact of their content to make their profiles climate positive. On and on.